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Initial Consultation

�When travelling in unknown territory it helps to have some landmarks, or some identifiable stars, by which one can find one�s bearings.� Patrick Casement, �Learning From Our Mistakes, Beyond Dogma in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy, page 96)

I offer an initial consultation session for us to meet and explore whether we can work together and if psychotherapy has the potential to be helpful to you. This session is usually seventy five minutes long.

It is common to feel anxious and uncertain about the initial session. Most people coming for counselling and psychotherapy feel vulnerable in some way and unsure what to expect.

An important element of the first few sessions is to taking time to understand the difficulties you are facing. Before you can resolve a problem, it is important to understand what is causing it.

Working psychodynamically, I believe that it is important to gain a thorough picture of you and your life as it has been until now. As well as understanding your current difficulties, it is helpful to understand something about your earlier life, your relationship with your parents and siblings, themes or patterns that have emerged throughout your life, your strengths and resources that have helped you to manage and your future aspirations.

Taking time to know you thoroughly and to understand what you hope to gain from psychotherapy, provides the tools to understand your current difficulties and how they might be resolved.

If we feel together that further sessions would be helpful we can meet for on-going sessions. I can provide both short term, focussed sessions to work on a specific issue or longer term, more in-depth work, depending on your needs.


I charge £65-£70 per session. In some circumstances I can negotiate a reduced rate for people on a low income.

Once we have made a contract to work together, I charge for missed sessions. This is because I am unable to use that time for any other purpose.